ECB Occasional Paper on exchange rate pass-through in the euro area

##Exchange rate pass-through in the euro area and EU countries Aggregate exchange rate pass-through (ERPT) to import and consumer prices in the EU is currently lower than it was in the 1990s and is non-linear. Low estimated aggregate ERPT to consumer prices does not at all mean that exchange rate movements do not have an impact on inflation, as...

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ECB Occasional Paper on low inflation in the euro area

##Low inflation in the euro area: Causes and consequences After 2012, inflation has been unexpectedly low across much of the developed world and economists speak of a “missing inflation” puzzle, namely inflation was expected to be higher on the back of an ongoing recovery. This paper investigates the causes and consequences of low inflation in ...

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You can download my papers from my Repec page. Journal articles 1 Elena Bobeica, Konstantins Benkovskis, Benjamin Bluhm, Chiara Osbat, Stefan Zeugner, 2019, “What drives export market shares? It depends! An empirical analysis of competitiveness drivers using Bayesian Model Averaging”, Empirical Economics, forthcoming (https://doi.org/10.100...

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