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Journal articles

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ECB working papers

1 Andreas Joseph and Chiara Osbat, 2016, “How you export matters: the disassortative structure of international trade”, Working Paper Series 1958, European Central Bank.

2 Vesna Corbo and Chiara Osbat, 2013. “Trade adjustment in the European Union: a structural estimation approach,” Working Paper Series 1535, European Central Bank.

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ECB Occasional Papers

1 OP n. 181/2017, by M. Ciccarelli and C. Osbat, “Low inflation in the euro area: Causes and consequences”.

2 OP n. 163/2015, by CompNet Task Force, “Compendium on the diagnostic toolkit for competitiveness”.

3 OP n. 139/2012, by a team of the Working Group on Econometric Modelling of the European System of Central Banks, “Competitiveness and external imbalances within the euro area”.

Under revision

1 Chiara Osbat, Martin Wagner and Yiqiao Sun, 2017, “Sectoral exchange rate pass-through in the euro area”.

2 Sara Formai, Filippo di Mauro, Jaime Marquez and Chiara Osbat, 2011, “Pricing to market by European automobile exporters”.

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4 Jaroslava Hlouskova, Chiara Osbat and Sébastien Forte, 2009, “Panel unit root and panel cointegration: separating the wheat from the chaff”.

Other papers

1 Chiara Osbat, Alex Tagliabracci, Gerrit Koester, 2017, “The role of foreign slack and global supply chain integration for domestic inflation”.

2 Chiara Osbat, Selin Ozyürt and Thomas Karlsson, 2012, “Cross-country differences in the trade balance contributions of price and non-price competitiveness”.

3 Sara Formai and Chiara Osbat, 2012, “The determinants of trade competitiveness: a Bayesian Model Averaging approach”.

4 Chiara Osbat, 2003, “An I(2) cointegration analysis of purchasing power parity between the euro area and the United States”.